Marina Smith, LMT
Community based Massage Therapist in Warwick, NY

About Marina

Marina believes touch is the basis for human connection.  A massage therapist for 24 years, Marina combines Swedish, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy techniques tailored to each person.  Marina enjoys working with people of all ages. Using therapeutic massage, she works with people dealing with chronic conditions, injuries or those needing general relaxation and a quiet mind. 


With a background as a midwife, Marina provides massage for pregnant and postpartum women in a knowledgeable and nurturing environment.  


 Marina loves working with the elders in her community.  She has the certification, patience and understanding desired when working with older folks. For seniors, massage is a necessity, not a luxury!  Marina believes loving touch belongs in the routine of our senior friends and family members.   


Marina attended the Somerset School of Massage Therapy and the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy.  Marina is certified in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year and specializes in pre and postnatal massage.  Marina is also certified in Geriatric Massage.  Marina is a Watsu student.  Watsu is a unique form of bodywork that combines floating and movement in warm water. 


Marina lives in Warwick, NY with her husband Brian and her cats. She loves hiking, painting and music. Travel is her passion, especially Costa Rica, New Orleans and Cape Cod.



NYS License # 024884-1




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